‘A year after R.A.A.K.’s training programme I use the tools offered to me every day. Particularly not being attached to a given end result has been invaluable in terms of not getting caught up in the never-ending game. It gives me peace, I don’t take part as much in the bickering during meetings and consequently I’m much better at summarising, intervening, and getting clear agreements recorded. In the end a result emerges which enjoys broader consensus than I would have been able to achieve before.’

                          Robbert van Rooij, head taxation affairs

‘By booking results from different possibilities every day, you keep the people around you active. If you stick to that yourself then others follow. The results almost emerge by themselves. That is beautiful to see, even years after following the training programme.’

                          Marco Stupar, head legal department

‘The training programme challenges you to look at yourself. I have become very aware how my personality traits and characteristics can contribute to the achievement of results in my work, but also the opposite: how it is that I get caught up in the never-ending game shown in ‘yes-but’-conversations. After years, I spot this more and more easily, and am more effective at getting results.

                          Ton Quirijnen, programme leader business administration

‘A training programme at R.A.A.K. gives you insight into the way in which you look at the world  (the fishbowl you’re swimming in) and what influence that has on others’ behaviour. Try to enter into conversation with judging, let go of your own ideas and interpretations, listen to the other, and hear what he/she is saying. The result is terrific conversations and unexpected discoveries. And if you really don’t know how to move forward, make an ‘unreasonable’ request. It’s unimaginable that the other could say yes to your request. But if it is really okay for him to say “no”, the chance is great that you will receive a “yes”.

                          Christine Praasterink, senior project leader information services

‘Through R.A.A.K.’s leadership programme I acquired insight into the interaction between participants in a project and the influence of my ‘way of being’ and behaviour on that. This taught me to lead less on the content but much more on the cooperation, open communication and striking the right balance between individual and shared interests. Though this ‘letting go’ was initially quite stressful, it is my experience that providing space and giving responsibility to the team leads to greater involvement. Results follow automatically, often more effective and with a better outcome.’

                          Rob, project leader Administration

‘The attitudinal aspects are essential to leadership: what is my commitment, what responsibility to I take, how am I in my relationships and what does my integrity mean. I have only encountered these attitudinal aspects in this programme, and they are essential for leaders.

By recognising and becoming aware of feelings of restlessness in my body, which never lie, I have a choice to stand under ‘my sun’. This results in more space for humour and cooperation, allows me to create leaders around me and last but not least gives me more energy. Through this I get better, and different, results.’

                          Rita Bevers, director Halt Oost

‘Through an awareness of the fishbowl in which I swim and recognising my never-ending game, I can now choose to apply my formulas for success, or not, or to get held back by my stop-rules. This has given me the freedom to speak candidly without becoming judgmental, and I have become a better leader. I am able to approach people in my environment openly, allowing them greater freedom. The result is a more positive work environment.’

                          Marieke Hofman, study advisor University Twente

R.A.A.K. consultancy, Het Nuesink 14, 7211 GR Eefde Nederland
T: 00-31-(0)575-549638, E:

R.A.A.K. consultancy, Het Nuesink 14, 7211 GR Eefde Nederland
T: 00-31-(0)575-549638, E: